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Eszter O. Szabo 

Nutrition Counsellor & Pilates instructor

I am passionate about helping you find peace with food & your body because you'll be living in this body for the rest of your life (and you'll also have to eat). So hating it and abusing it just won't do. Providing weight-inclusive compassionate care is something our world lacks. So I am here to do just that.


When I started working during & after my degree, I found health & nutrition to be a frustrating minefield .. all the misinformation, weight stigma, fatphobia and the dieting mindset that's ingrained in all of us makes us fail to see the bigger picture. Instead, the culture we live in encourages you to obsess about the tiniest things (like what you eat for dinner), moralising your food choices and pronouncing you as a problem, something to be "fixed" if you're fat (I use this word as a neutral descriptor that it is).

So I can totally understand that it feels impossible to screen out diet culture noise that's constantly telling you you're the problem and fix your body already and just one last " it's a lifestyle, not a diet!"...  But I hear you believe me, I understand wanting to fit societal expectations, we all want to be accepted and feel wanted. It's human to want to fit in; but does this neverending "bettering" yourself make you content? Does it allow you to enjoy life and its pleasures? Or does your next diet and the number of calories you're allowed to eat take up too much space in your head so there's nothing left for anything but that? If you run on stress & anxiety with a splash of guilt and shame most days... I am asking you, is it worth it?


If you feel like it's finally time to put yourself first, I am here to help you tune the diet culture noise out, help you understand fact from fiction, and improve your relationship with food, your body and yourself through proven non-diet practices like Intuitive Eating. Think about the next time you see a miracle diet or exercise regime that's promising the "perfect" body you can just say "What BS, I am not falling for this again!" Can you do this now?


Movement is a huge part of this whole health thing. Moving your body freely and with an appreciation for what it can do can help motivate you to move more - not for weight loss but for much more important health benefits exercise provides independent of weight loss or any aesthetic goals. And, of course, if moving freely is limited whether in body or mind, I can definitely help you break those limits with personal training & Pilates.

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