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"Healthy, Strong, Flourishing "  


Welcome to

Alwa Nutrition Pilates

Eszter O. Szabo ANutr

Registered Associate Nutritionist

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor


Hi, I’m Eszter, creator of Alwa, Registered Associate Nutritionist and STOTT Pilates instructor.

I am passionate about nutrition and movement and I believe that they both play a crucial role in health and wellbeing, that is both physical and mental. I am here for you! 

Wondering how you can rehabilitate a sports injury at home with enjoyable exercises? 

Would you like to become stronger, toned & more confident?

Are you struggling to navigate food choices in the sea of fad diets?

Feeling frustrated at all of the conflicting information about nutrition, dieting and whatnot, and unsure where to turn?


Do you find it difficult to change your habits? Are you eager to conquer this task?

You won’t find any magic pills or quick fixes here.

You will be guided with an evidence-based approach to making lasting health & lifestyle changes so that you can be the best version of yourself and feel happy and confident. 

My private sessions will guide you to identify your health goals, feel your best, and flourish! 

Talk to me about your needs, the challenges you face, and you’ll receive the support to get where you want to be physically & mentally. 

Types of Pilates sessions

General - Learn the basic principles, strengthen the body and progress in all levels

Athlete's -  Improve your muscle strength & endurance and challenge yourself to achieve your sports goals!


Prenatal - Safe exercises to prepare the body for giving birth and for motherhood

Postnatal -  Strengthen the postpartum body with safe exercises to recover and build strength (in consideration of bodily changes) after giving birth ​​

What you get

1:1 Pilates

Do you prefer a more personalised exercise routine?

You’ll get 1 on 1 attention for your needs, abilities and goals. You decide when to exercise based on your availability. 

Do you prefer practising Pilates in your own home? Not a problem, I will come to you (subject to location).


Your First Appointment will include:

-assessment of posture, injuries, fitness state, diastasis/abdominal separation (if postnatal)

- goal setting

Nutrition consultation

In-depth nutrition consultation to help you build real, long term health, diet and lifestyle improvements.


Have you been dieting and restricting? - no need for it!


Have you been given lots of misinformation about nutrition and health? - You can put things straight now!



Best thing about Pilates was that it really felt like I'd had a workout after a session, rather than just doing some physio... I felt like I was achieving something, rather than just rolling around on a mat...

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